About The Reluctant Homemaker

My name is Reluctant Homemaker.  This is not what I wanted.  I never wanted to be a homemaker.  I wanted to work, create, and inspire the world.  I wanted to lead, expand my horizons, and see things happen because of me.  I didn’t want to be at home all the time.

However, sometimes this cannot be helped.  Corrupt employers who routinely practice nepotism and enforce illegal policies under the guise of “a small, family-owned, Christian company” can really drain the life from you.  It’s even worse when they let you go because you refuse to participate in their illegal behaviors, underhanded deals, and don’t go to the “right” church.  When you are told you’re not a member of the “team” because you don’t participate in the same evening Bible studies or that you are “negative” when you give your opinion and it isn’t quite what the so-called “management” thinks is what they want to hear–even when you know their policies will hurt your clients.  Sometimes, a firing can be the biggest blessing that has ever happened to you.  Spending your time in a den of thieves does not help your own mental state.

Moving right along, we have found ourselves in a curious predicament.  I am extremely qualified and very educated–and am either overqualified nor not-nearly qualified enough (ex: RN–I am not a nurse)  for all the jobs I am finding openings for.  While I do currently work for a company that provides contract security personnel, it is sparse in hours, somewhat unpredictable, and does not really provide a part-time income sufficient to meet our needs.  (Mind you, I love the job.)

Therefore, I must learn many ways in which to make our home run smoother, leaner, and somewhat more efficient.  I must learn to eat differently, cook differently, clean differently, and live…you guessed it: differently.  I must learn how to save money and how to save MORE money on top of that.

Some quick facts about me:

  • I have been married a very short time.  I lost my job 1 month after our wedding.
  • My husband is a police officer.  He’s a rookie and doesn’t make a large salary at all.  In fact, his salary is one of the lowest rookie salaries I have heard of.  He also works 3rd shift–the most dangerous shift for police officers.  I adore my husband–he really is my hero.
  • We do not have any children.  We would like them in the future, but having them right now would be unwise.
  • We bought a home recently.  I know what you’re thinking: “How can you possibly buy a home if you’re financially unstable??”  We bought our home before our wedding–when we were both still employed–and my husband moved in after our wedding.  I actually recommend buying a home if you’re trying to save money in some cases.  Our mortgage is $12 more than rent for my 1 bedroom apartment was.  It is about $300/month less than rent for a 2 or 3 bedroom apartment in this area.  Saving $300 is a big deal each month.

Some random facts about me:

  • I love to read.  It’s probably one of my favorite activities–after spending time outside.
  • I am able to crochet, sew, cross-stitch, and am learning to knit.  I actually make most Christmas presents each year.
  • My favorite movies are the ORIGINAL Star Wars trilogy.  Not the new ones.  They suck.  I also like the first 2 Terminator movies.
  • I make soap by hand.  It is really quite entertaining and relaxing.  I am considering opening on online shop to help make money.  I haven’t bought soap, face wash, shampoo, conditioner, or laundry detergent for over a year and a half.  My skin is better, I have fewer breakouts, and my chronic psoriasis behaves better.  Plus–it’s a lot cheaper.
  • My husband and I don’t have cable or satellite–and don’t want it.  We find television to be mind-numbing and drool-inducing.  There’s far too much else to do in life to waste hours in front of the boob tube.  We find that internet is sufficient for our news needs.
  • I am a singer.  I know, everyone says that who isn’t.  That is how American Idol keeps getting renewed.  But I actually am.  I have been performing since I was 7 (having started in choir then) and got my 1st solo when I was 8.  Since then, I have performed at numerous prestigious competitions and have won many of them.  I have sung in 15 languages thus far and have actually trained as an opera singer–all before I graduated from high school.
  • My feet are always cold.  Even in socks with slippers.
  • My husband and I had a Celtic wedding.  It’s very cool.  You should research them–they are full of meanings and traditions.  Sadly, we did not have a bagpiper.

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