A dear friend of ours is having a birthday party tomorrow. This party is for her 1 year old son. She has informed us that he does not need anything nor is there any need to bring a gift because he has everything that he could want. He is happy enough and healthy enough–and that is enough of a blessing.

This got me to thinking–what on Earth could a 1 year old possibly “want” for his/her birthday? The child is 1 year old for sobbing out loud! Every party I have ever been to for a child under 3, the child is barely coherent as to what is going on, except that there is alot of noise and confusion. Most of these parties have ended in said child being overly fussy and cranky for the duration of their “happy” birthday.

Since, however, this mommy is in a strange spot in her life and has gone through some goodness-awful stuff in the past year or so, I thought this would be a good time to spoil mommy instead of the baby. Really, I’m sure mommy won’t mind if you don’t give the baby something that makes alot of noise and requires a ton of batteries.

So, I spent my afternoon making mommy “spa” materials. Mommy is getting a homemade candle smelling of cappuccino in a 12″ Eiffel Tower glass bottle (bought at 55% off and coming to all of $3.00) with the candle wax and scent coming in at about $1.50 combined. She is also getting a new set of rice pack relaxation thingies–a neck warmer, hand warmers, and foot warmers designed to go into slippers–all made with rice, essential oils I happened to have lying about, and some fabric I bought last year but never used for my mother in law.

Total cost of present: under $10

Not a bad batch of saving since similar candles sell for $8+ alone and a spa set like this can usually sell for $15+ if you buy it somewhere cheap, like Walmart.

On another tangent, my wonderful hubby and I bought 10lbs of rice at Walmart for the lowest cost around here–$6.00 That is wonderful and will help immensely when it comes to the food budget monster. The issue, of course, becomes storage, but I will figure something out.

About Mouthy (The Alpha Nerdess)

I live in a small home with a small yard. Despite this, I have the heart of a homesteader. We do what we can to grow, manage, and treat our food cycle with respect for the Earth and for ourselves.
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